Monday, June 29, 2009

1 Year!

Yesterday, Brent and I had our one year wedding anniversary! I can't believe how fast time has gone and all of the things we have done this year. I am still so in love with him and I still feel like a newlywed...even though we are officially not anymore. We just got back from our beach trip with Courtney and Josh (our anniversary gift to each other) nice! We had great weather and we both improved our summer tans too! :) When we got back, we had a surprise birthday party for Brent's dad. His birthday is June 27th and we got married on the 28th. So...last year we celebrated with him at the rehearsal dinner. Well....the surprise party this year was held at the same place we had our rehearsal dinner! AND we had the same food! So it was sort of like re-doing the whole weekend! Sunday, our anniversary we went out to lunch to our favorite spot...Stir Fry! Yum! It was so good. After lunch we went to the Redbox (we should buy stock in that company! We are always there!) and then went home and watched some movies. Later on we had our cake and our M&M's (our wedding favors...printed with our names and date). They were both just as good as they were last year. A great way to round out a perfect year! I can't wait to see what comes in the next year! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer summer is going great, but a little too fast. I can't believe it is almost half over! (I go back to work the first week in August).

My week consits of getting up around 8 or 9, going for a walk with friends for about an hour, eating lunch and sitting by the pool. What a life! I love it! I wish summer would last forever. When I am old (as I have told Brent many times) I would be so happy living in a tropical place in a house by the beach....ahh.... I wonder if there is a job that would pay me to sit by the pool.....that would be AWESOME!

A few "teacher friends" and I have started a walking group. It is nice to work out with friends because I don't realize how long we are out there becasue we just talk and walk and before I know it we are done. I have lost 3 and 1/2 pounds so far...I am happy about that. I just hope this weight loss continues. That would just be perfect.

I have sat by the pool almost every day so far. And....I am teaching swim lessons to a few of the kids that were in my class this year and some of their friends. I started this just to earn a little bit of some extra money. I thought..."what a great way to earn some money while still being at the pool." I have taught swim lessons for almost 10 years now, and it is a great way to earn some tax free money, BUT..... I get tired of it when the kids don't listen! I have a group session going right now that consists of 4 boys. (two from my class this year and 2 friends.) Of course, the boys from my class are they were all year (if you didn't know already...I had the BEST group of kids this past year). The other two....well....are just ridiculous! They don't listen, they go under when I am talking, they are loud and crazy and talk over me. I am not ever going to do a group of all boys again. They are not bad swimmers, but the not listening just annoys me as a teacher. Whew! I am mentally exhausted when I get home..... I have scheduled some more lessons...with girls. We will see how those go. I could predict that they will be more fun and the children will listen better....I hope.

Brent and I are also continuing our search for a house. This is exciting and frustrating at the same time for me. This is something I feel that we are so ready for. I am so proud of us for working hard this year to save as much as we have. We look online all the time for houses, we drive by them and we look at the surrounding houses. is where my frustration comes in. Brent does not want to go IN them to look at them. He says that he "doesn't want to waste the relator's time by calling and going to look at it if we are not going to buy it." To which I respond "that is their job. they want you to do that." We go back and forth for awhile about this and then we give up. It is a never ending battle. I think he just doesn't want to commit to actually buying a house. Sometimes I think he would be happy living in an apartment for the rest of his life. I, however, want to have a place that we can call our own. Maybe.....just maybe it will happen this year. We will see.

We are on our way to the beach next week with Courtney and Josh. (Brent's sister and her husband). I am so excited about spending some time by the beach. I was meant to be a beach bum. I just have to make it through 4 more group swim lessons and then we will be out of here! Yea! I can't wait! you can see, my summer has been pretty good so far. I hope that the rest doesn't go by too fast because I am loving the time off!