Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! As I write today, I am watching the Macy's of the best parts of this day! I also enjoy seeing family and catching up. Ever since I was little, we go to my grandfather's house for a huge meal in the middle of the afternoon. Thanksgiving for us usually lasts all weekend....on Friday we have a family bowling competition and Saturday we do some shopping. I love spending the time with everyone! (And of course eating all of that delicious food!)
Since we got married, I don't just go to my grandfather's house. I get to go to Brent's mom's house and his dad's house. So....I get to eat THREE Thanksgiving meals! How awesome is that?! For someone (like me) who loves food, it is the best day of the year!
I was watching the news this morning and they said that they average Thanksgiving meal is 5,000 calories. So, does that mean that I will be consuming 15,000 calories since I am going to eat 3 meals? I don't know and I don't care! I don't know why people worry about calories on Thanksgiving. It is just dumb. Come on people, just eat and be happy! Don't worry about how many calories or grams of fat are in your meal. You only eat like this once a year, so just forget aobut that stuff and EAT! I have never once thought about how many calories I am consuming during my Thanksgiving meals (b/c I have 3 remember). If I gain 5 pounds today, I know that it was totally worth it!
So....I am going to go put on some comfy clothes and get ready to eat! Yum!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! is not about the calories! It is about time with family! :)