Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Holidays

Some of my favorite things happen during this time of year....Christmas! (of course)......a 2 week break from visits.......and of course.....FOOD! (Which if you know me is one of my favorite things about life!) I love going to all of the many places we go during the holiday season and eating all of the foods that only come out once a year! Why is it that we only make these special foods once a year? Well I have a theory on that.....

These cookies, cakes, dips, special meals with extravagant side dishes and various appetizers are only made at this time of year because if we made them all the time we would all be crazy fat! (At least I would!) When you live in the south, holiday food is not "light" or by any means "healthy." If it were either of those things then it wouldn't be true "southern" food. As I think of all of my favorite childhood holiday memories, most of them involve special foods and the people who I shared them with. (I am a true southern girl huh?!) And because we only get to have these treats once a year, my body thinks that I must stuff my face until I literally am in pain. It happens every year. I try not to, but it always happens. I think to myself..."it's the why not?" Or... "Well, I won't get this for another year so I better fill up on it now." Or... "Wow! This is amazing...give me more!" I am a true food lover, I's crazy!So we do this (massive eating) at least 4 times during the week of Christmas...with Brent's mom and step dad, Brent's dad and step mom, Brent's grandmother and extended family, and twice with my family! Whew....that is A LOT OF FOOD! (Believe me...I know from experience! Ha! Ha!)

And to add to it all, my family has a big get together on New Years. My mom's family decided a few years back that we wouldn't meet up at Christmas since everyone had so much going on and so many places to go. We decided that New Years would become our new celebration time. It has really worked out nicely for everyone, adds just one more place to see all of those wonderful foods that we all love......and more pounds to my waist!

I would like to say that next year will be different.....but we all know that it won't! There will always be an endless supply of wonderful food at all of the MANY places we go during the holidays! And....I will never pass it up, because I LOVE all of it! That is the joy of living in the south...right?!

So it is now 2010....I can't believe how fast 2009 came and went! We had a great Christmas and New Years, BUT I am glad that I have elastic pants! ;)