Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy summer! I haven't posted in FOREVER....I guess I was busy! ha!

So far I have kept myself busy this summer teaching swim lessons and working at Crestwood Hills pool as the assistant manager. I have been able to teach 3 sets of group lessons and several private lessons too. In addition, I have been "working" a few days too. I say "working" because it is soooooo easy compared to teaching! haha! I love working at the pool and teaching lessons because I get to do what I love in the summer-SIT AT THE POOL-and get paid for it! It is awesome!

But, as I have said in previous summer blog postings....I am starting to think about school. I have starting making TO DO lists, thinking about projects, and planning out new things in my room. And, as many of teacher friends would agree, once you start thinking about all of this doesn't stop! I literally DREAM about school. (I know that other teachers do this too! I am not crazy!) Most of them are kinda scary too. Like....I am going to the first day and I get to my room and nothing has been done and all of the furniture is not set up. The other common one, is that I have nothing planned and only like 5 minutes until the kids come on the first day. I could continue on and on telling you about these crazy dreams, but I won't!

So, needless to say....I am ready to go back. BUT....This summer has been awesome and has gone WAY too fast. I love my pool time and I will miss it here in a few weeks.

Happy summer! I will try to post more this year...sorry for the long delay!