Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok, it has been way too long since I have posted anything. So sorry! I guess life has been busy....and I kind of forgot about my blog! Oops!

But, it is now half way through summer. (I can't believe it! It always goes too fast!) So far, I have had a great summer. As I do each year, I have been teaching swim lessons to former students, their siblings and some friends. In the past this has just been something to do every once in a while...with only a handful of lessons. But this summer....OH MY GOODNESS! It has been crazy! I have about 20 kids that I am teaching off and on this summer. Which is turning out to be very lucrative.....I have already paid off our portion of the family beach house. (Our trip is coming up in a few weeks) I love teaching kids how to swim...but I have come to find out there are a few kid swimming behaviors that just annoy the crap out of me:

1. Crying. Please do not is just water kid! Really?! Do we need to sob uncontrollably about getting our face wet? That is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I understand that the water can be scary for some kids, but when you cry every time you come to take a lesson from me I get tired of it very quickly.

2. Screaming. And not just a little scream... a booming, hurts your ear scream. Please do not scream IN MY FACE when I am trying to teach you how to kick your feet. Seriously. Someone is going to think you are drowning. And I may not have an ear drum when we get done. Thanks.

3. Going under water when I am talking. Not much to say about is just plain rude. I am trying to teach you, listen to me!

4. Making excuses. Don't make an excuse for why you can't go under. Just do it. I am not going to let you drown. Seriously.

5. Lack of trust. Most of the kids I teach in the summer have had me for first grade. I would think that it would be natural for them to trust me in the water. They know me, I know them easy right? WRONG. It takes most a few lessons before they fully trust me. I will not let you drown kid. TRUST ME!

Of course, these sound very negative, but I do love teaching kids to swim. I am not some swim Nazi that throws kids in the water and yells "SWIM!" I take a lot of time to work with each kid individually to get over their fears and develop their strokes. This is probably the best summer job for a teacher. I get to be at the pool and do what I love....and get paid! Nice!

This week the two "screamers" didn't scream in my face AND..... the "cryer" didn't cry. So... even though small...progress has been made! Now, if they can just keep it up and learn to do the strokes right..... I will keep you posted on that!