Friday, September 10, 2010

New year, new kids

I have started my 4th year of teaching, and man has it been busy! I agreed last year to take on an entire Kindergarten class. It's sort of like looping, but without their teacher. So all of my kids were together last year. I got a few new ones too...they were new to the area so they fit right in. So far it has been great. They all know each other and their parents know each other too.

They have made me laugh a few times first graders always do! Also, I have been told that I am "the prettiest teacher in the world" more than once. (I know, I know... you are jealous.) They are all very cute and sweet. There is only one who gives me "problems." But, we will work it out! It always gets easier as we figure each other out.

I am hoping for a wonderful year full of funny first grade sayings, and of course I will update you after! :)