Saturday, May 2, 2009

15 days....

There are only 15 days of school left in the year! I have been blessed to have the BEST group of kids this year, BUT..... I am ready for summer! This class is full of the best behaved, sweetest kids in the world. Also they have the most wonderful, supportive parents. I have been lucky this year! So, the end of school will be bittersweet. I will be sad to see this group move on, but I am ready for a new group. When you spend enough time with the same group of people everyday, they start to get on your nerves. This happens with adults and kids.... When I was in college, I frequetly got annoyed by roommates, co-workers, classmates etc. And now that I am a teacher I get so frustrated by the smallest things with these kids. I think it is just the time of year. (Ask any teacher and they will agree!) We have all ( the kids and me) spent so much time together we are now getting on each other's nerves! Even the kids are feeling it....I frequently hear comments at this time of the year like " he said he didn't want to be my friend" or "she looked at me funny" or "why do we have to learn this?" or "She took MY marker and won't give it back" Most of the time my response is..."have you tried to work it out with your friend on your own?" Most of the time they haven't and with a few minutes with each other, they work it out.....or they forget about it! Ha! Do you understand now why I am counting down the days? :)

Don't get me wrong....I love first grade kids! They are so fun and keep me entertained. But, this time of year we all want to be at the pool instead of in the classroom! It happens every year.....and then about mid-July I am so ready to start back! At that time in the summer, I can't wait to get back to school and set up my room, meet new kids and start fresh!

So, I say again....there are only 15 more days of school. I am ready to sit by the pool and relax!