Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have determined one fact this year: We are NOT ready for babies, despite the pressure from family (mother in law!) , friends and coworkers! I don't know why people assume that once you get married that you should start having kids. Where does that thought come from? I am 24 years old and haven't even been married for a year yet! I want some time alone with my husband for a few years before I think about popping out any kids. People are going to have to get used to this idea!

I LOVE kids, especially babies. BUT...after all that have heard from friends who have recently had babies I just further confirm my first statement :WE ARE NOT READY FOR BABIES! I am so not ready to go through childbirth, change diapers, and I am also not ready to wake up every 3 hours to attach a child to my boob. No, that does not sound fun, thank you very much.

I have also determined that my dog is my baby. And I am totally content with that. I have had Smokey (a cute gray and black pekingese) for almost 4 years now. Anyone that knows me well, knows that he is spoiled rotten. He needs me just as much as a kid, in some ways.....He sleeps all the time and doesn't wake up every three hours cyring. He needs me to feed him once a day in a bowl on the floor, to take him to the bathroom 3 or 4 times a day with NO diapers, and give him a bath every few weeks.....and I don't loose any sleep! He is the best kind of baby! He is a great cuddle buddy and he is so fun to play with. See, I don't need a baby...I have Smokey!

Another reason I am not ready for kids is.....Duh! I have 20 children that I teach and care for 5 days a week for about 7 hours a day! Shew! I think that is enough for one person. They are great birth control! :)

Of course I want to have about 5 years! (at least) :)