Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The "Nuptial Nine"

I have been married for almost a year now and I have learned that many things come with the first year of marriage. We have had so much fun decorating our apartment, spending time with each other and our families. We have been able to take several short vacations and just take time to enjoy being married. But the one bad thing that I have found comes with the first year of marriage is weight gain. I have gained weight (not much, but..) since we got married and I have several friends who got married last year or the year before who agree. My friend Ashley was the one who coined the phrase "The Nuptial Nine." I laughed at her when she told me this, b/c at the time I was not married and she had been for a year. I totally understand now. Ashley was right. As a newly married couple we don't cook as much as we should and we definately don't work out as much as we should. We eat out a lot and we don't eat as much healthy food as we should. This is our problem!
Before the wedding, I worked 0ut a lot and ate healthy (and at home)...but Mom was cooking so that made it very easy! I lost weight before the wedding....but I had a dress to motivate me. After the wedding, I didn't have mom's cooking and no dress for motivation. So, the weight gain began. I have been lucky to not have made it to "nine" pounds, but about 5 or so. And what makes it even more frustrating is that my husband has lost tons of weight since we got married! Ugh! Not fair! I am so proud of him....but it is not fair that guys can loose weight so easily. I wish that it was that easy for girls.
But, again, my friend Ashley was right and I wish I would have listened to her then! Let's just hope that the second year of marriage includes some weight LOSS! I will keep you posted on that. :)