Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moments that make you laugh

As a first grade teacher, you have many moments that just make you laugh! (and some where you want to laugh but you shouldn't!) Today, I had one of those moments and it came at such a good time.

I must begin by giving you a visual of the situation...... This particular student is one of those kids who just can't sit still no matter what he does! He is constantly moving and/or tapping a pencil. So, he was standing at my desk (well....really he was bouncing at my desk beside me while I sat) and we were doing some speech practice. He has trouble with a few sounds so we work each day on those. I was showing him some pictures and he was saying the words. He was doing such a good job and I had praised him for that good work. As he said garage, he burped. It came mid- word..... "gar BURP age." I laughed so hard and so did he. We had a good time laughing about the funny moment! I think the laughing lasted about 2 minutes! So funny!

At the this time of the year when I am tired and ready to be done, little funny moments like this help me to remember why I love my job! Funny stuff like this (as small as it may seem) always comes at the perfect time....when I need to relax and enjoy teaching. It is like God knows that I need to laugh....

" A day with out laughter is wasted."